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Our shopping cart tracker, links directly to VIMarket’s ecosystem, offering unparallelled benefits to shoppers and retailers alike.

For Citizens / Shoppers

Our VIMI app and chrome browser extension will add products from purchased or abandoned shopping carts, direct to your ViMarket shelve in the form of Virsions of the real life item.

Connecting VIMI to your shopping experience will enable VIMarket to offer:

Notifications of prices changes real life products you own in Virsion format.

Safe and secure transactions via VIMarket.

One VIID account for all retail browsing and purchasing and same day shipping.

Best price alerts on any real-life product, once Virsions are purchased.

If you walk away from your computer or abandoned cart, VIMI will save browsing activity.

Earn discount on the real-life item through the purchase of the Virsion using (VIT) for adding to your station.

Welcome/refer other citizens to your station and become a product ambassador.

Earn merchant sponsor rewards, should a visitor views and click to purchase the Virsion or Real-Life item.

VIMI for Retailers / Merchant sponsors

Harness the power of VIMI through the creation of Virtual assets (Virsions) of your real life product inventory for launch into VIMarket’s catalogue as a merchant sponsor. The VIMI app and chrome browser extensions can then track all shopping activity on your platform, enabling you to stay in touch with visitors who abandon shopping carts and/or had no account created with you, this accounts for $6.4 trillion in 2016.

To convert your real-life products into Virsions we provide our Editor software.

Once Virsions are created and stored on our platform for Citizens to Browse and shop for stations, VIMI can activate.

Visitors using VIMI browsing your products will stay connected to you after visiting.

No need for the user to create an account with your site, they purchase via Vimarket. Inform customers of price changes who own Virsions of your product.

Advertise your items in VIMarket and through Citizens who act as afilliate marketers for your via product placements inside their stations.

Vimarket solves all problems connection to shipping, secure transactions, offering a variety of payment options and tracking abandoned carts, via the use of (VIT)

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