The World’s First Reward Based
Crypto-Currency Exchange.

Our forthcoming ICO will enable the launch of 3D/VR trading tools combined with artificial intelligence. ViMarket brings unrivalled advantages to customers, traders and merchants within our ecosystem.

Trade virtually and let your profits take flight...

See how ViMarket is set to revolutionize digital asset trading for customers, traders and merchants alike:

Flightdeck VR control panel

Our community will gain access to a revolutionary trading interface accessible via 3D and VR. Propel yourself into an immersive new world of real-time data and gain unique trading insights.


Take flight with Auto-Pilot! Our uniquely engineered artificial Intelligence will design the patterns to ensure your trades become smarter, more profitable and less time consuming.


Take flight with Co-Pilot! We’ll connect you to the world’s leading crypto-traders, as you follow their patterns and the secret to their success, as they work on your behalf.


Use Market to trade directly for products from our merchant partners. After selecting the product you wish to purchase, it’s locked on 'hold' until you have reached the profit level required to acquire it. Once profit is reached transaction will complete automatically. The merchant is paid and delivery for the product, fulfilled.


Connect your product inventory to our platform to enable citizens to put holds on your products, whilst trading. Once they have purchased the item, you’ll receive your profits in crypto. Cash out or use Auto-pilot & Co-pilot to re-invest. Watch your profits soar!

Become a margin trader

If you have the skills, margin trade in any of our crypto currencies and make huge profits with no initial investments. This is for the more experienced trader. Join our flight school training classes to master these skills!

Merchants products are virtualized as we gamify the trading experience….

Using ViMarket, customers will showcase every merchant product they are trading for, in addition to those successfully purchased through our exchange. Discovered through nation and created using station-builder. See our platforms, below:

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Slide - Editor
RL products > Virsons
Using our editor tool, ViMarket has made the opportunity to virtualize real-life products into photorealistic Virsions, a reality. Developers and content creators can expand our inventory for Merchant Sponsors, enabling users (known as Citizens) to build custom home experiences using station-builder.
Slide - Station and Citizen Builder
Station & Citizen Builder
Virtualize yourself and your home
Focusing initially on home retail furnishing, clothing, and accessories, our citizens partner with merchant sponsors to showcase Virsons of RL products that the Citizen own’s already or aspires to purchase. Becoming an ambassador for this product, Citizens are advertising the item via product placement, earning VIT.
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Slide - Nation
Our Virtual World
With nation VR, you choose any place in the world where you want to have your online apartment. You can select one of hundreds different apartments. Buy furniture by paying with our in-game currency. Visit other apartments (stations), discover great interior design and virsions. Be seen in 3D, lifelike, including the fashion you have chosen to wear and the accessories.
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Slide - VIMI
Our Browser Extension & App
Connect your virtual self to your real-life shopping activity. VIMI technology tracks your retail browsing activity, allowing Citizens to try before they buy. Upon adding a product to your basket irrespective of whether a user checks out or not, this product is added to your ViMarket shelf and Citizen’s are notified within the platform. Citizen can then choose to purchase virtualized Virsion, adding to station. Purchases enable a Citizen to receiving discounts from Merchant sponsor on forthcoming RL purchases, plus affiliate commission on future purchases made by visiting citizens to the station. All payment in (VIT).
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ViMarket Story Background